Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching - I thought I'd do last year's photos (even though its out of order and I'm not even caught up to that point :( Sigh...Someday - right? Anyways - Char came out with this AWESOME heart quilt-like template - I just HAD to use it! It was just too fun. I combined it with a bunch of other of her super fun goodies - and this is what I came up with! I just love how it turned out - I love it when things just go together for me!! Here is the template that started the page - it's called "A Little Piece of My Heart" The majority of the goodies aren't released yet - they will be released to this Buffet starting February 1st! Check it out! Stalk it - they will be $1 on the 1st of February!! Now of course I need more than just one photo for my page - I remembered this fun template from her "Stand Out From the Crowd" template pack. I hadn't gotten a chance to use this particular template from the pack yet - so it was perfect! And I loved the heart paper in this pack (I remember using it in the past!) So I dug it out of my supplies and did a little recoloring! And I used to HATE alphas - now I can hardly scrap a page without one - so I went rummagine some more through her goodies - and came across this! How perfect - it even came in brown so I didn't have to recolor! I think that about sums up my page! I hope you enjoy it! :D

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I got a GSO!

So I scraplifted a page to make my title page in preparation of getting my 2011 P365 book printed. I LOVED how it turned out - and apparently so did the gals at Me So Scrappy! I got a Gallery Stand Out for my page! Check it out! To create this page here are the products I used. I used this adorable "Capturing Memories" kit by Marie H Designs. I love the colors and elements included with this kit, I'm excited to use it again! This is on sale currently at GingerScraps for 40% off! Making it only $2.39! Grab it before the sale ends (click on preview to be taken to the store) And then I've been eyeing up this set of adorable alphas for a few weeks and was THRILLED when I realized that they matched this kit pretty much perfectly! This is going to be my new "go-to" set of green alphas - they are all so fun and funky! This too is on sale at GingerScraps for 33% off - making it only $2! That's less than a dollar an alpha! (each of the 3 sets include letters, numbers & select special characters) And if you'd like to check out the LO I got my idea from click here! Feel free to click on my LO - you will be taken to my GingerScraps Gallery - you can view my credits - and even leave me a comment! :D