Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Potty Time - Statements by Jodi's new kit

Hey Everyone!! I know it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything - I've been busy making some BB pages for grandparents day - and didn't want the grandparents to see them before they got them for a gift :D

Anyways - some exciting news!! Statements by Jodi has come out with a gorgeous new kit called "Potty Time!" It was a blast to work with - and not to mention adorable! Here is the kit in its entirety (linked to the Ginger Scraps store!)

This kit is perfect for scrapping your child's potty training adventure. It's also great for those big kid underwear photos!

This kit includes 18 papers, 70 elements, 73 stickers, A FULL alpha, and a printable 8x11 sticker chart that you can print out and use during your child's potty training! 4 different candy rewards, 2 rolls of toilet paper, a 5x7 sticker chart for your LO's, 2 potty chairs, 1 staple, 4 boys and 4 girls (blond, brunette, red head and black hair), 4 frames, 2 journal blocks, 2 step stools, 1 toilet, 1 sink, 5 flowers, 10 buttons, 6 pair of girl underwear and 5 pair of boy underwear, and 5 book plates.

It's Potty Time!

And like I said - it was a blast to scrap with - I will definitely be using this kit more than once!! Here is the LO I created! Enjoy - this is a photo of Bug after she was trained - and insisted on doing it HERSELF! I thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt - but I guess I should have watched her a bit more closely! But I had to laugh when I walked around the corner and saw her - of course I had to run and grab the camera before we cleaned up the mess!! Thankfully it was clean TP!

I can do it myself!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Statements by Jodi "Elementary"

I had a chance to scrap with Statment by Jodi's kit "Elementary" last night after our "Scotland Steak Send-off" meal! (My MIL, her Mom & Sisters were going to Scotland - so we had steaks on the grill (organic from Futility farms - thanks to me winning that photo-contest!), corn on the cob (fresh from my Aunt's garden), potatos & warm apple crisp (from my Dad's apple trees)! It was DELICIOUS if I do say so myself! ;)

Anyways - its an awesome kit - and I had a blast scrapping with it - I hope to do a few more pages here in the next couple days once Trevor officially starts school!!

Here's my Layout - the image is linked to my gallery - where you can go and leave me some LOVE :D Enjoy!!