Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scrapping....What's that?

Another semi-successful day today in the scrapbooking world! LOL I have all my photos updated on my P365 blog (check it out!) And I have my LO all done (just waiting for 3 more photos!)

Plus I added some photos to the background (I know my SIL would appreciate one with her daughter on it too!) Here is the final results of that:

AND I actually got to scrap something I wanted to do today! I had one page of this set done a LOOOOOOONG time ago - but finally got around to finishing the other page tonight! I think it turned out super cute! (Image linked w/ credits in gallery)

I used parts of the GS Collab Kit & all the corn/farm related stuff from Ellie Lash (I know, I use that a lot - but I love it!)

Enjoy!! :)

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  1. Well done! Trev is too cute with the corn and I've already got the background on our desk top (replacing fall of 2008!) it looks great. Hope todays as productive- in scrapping or other home endevors. Your SIL ;-)


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