Monday, January 18, 2010

Whoo hoo! More layouts! :)

I must be feeling productive lately - I've finished a few more LOs this week! It's been fun!! I think it has something to do with how easy it is to keep my living room clean now that I've rearranged!! :) (check out my project 365 blog to see a photo!)

Also - a few exciting things coming up this week as well! I'm going to be giving away my very first freebie! Statements by Jodi is participating in GingerScraps party to celebrate their 7 new designers! And with her kit I've created a few BragBook pages for you! Come back later this week and snag 'em!

Anyways - here are the lay-outs that I've made lately!

Ok - really not sure about these ones - they're a BIT wild!! Should I give up on the whole tiled/quilted background?? What can I do to make these ones better??

And thanks again to Colleen for helping get this LO started!! :) You're the best!


  1. Love, love, love the zoo LO. That kit is adorable!

    The quilted look is super fun. I think the papers just need to be neutral or subdued. :)

    Nice work on the friends LO. ;)

    BTW - Trev and you had already met Audrey by that playdate. :) It was the first time for us meeting Bug though. Remember when we met in Eau Claire when Audrey was a peanut?

  2. DUH! Thanks Colleen! I forgot about that *blush* I do remember now - she was TINY and if I remember correctly she screamed a good portion of your ride over to meet us :( Poor little girl!

    I'll have to change the journaling some more...

  3. NP Trina! I miss yoooooooou! My dad doesn't have messenger on his desktop, and I left my laptop at the new house. I hadn't planned on spending the entire week here, but there was a last minute bday party planned for tonight on the 'S' side... It looks like I won't be able to do the diaper swap this weekend with your mom. :( I'll send her a message about that. It looks like it will have to be after you guys get back from FL. Unless I do it sometime during the week next week. LOL Enough rambling, but I misssss yooooou. ;)

  4. Oh, I forgot to say that yes, Audrey was an unhappy camper. She hated riding in the car. I had to off-road it to get her to stop crying! LOL


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